SAFETY DIVISION is being built with a singular Goal of building “A Society Free of Electrical Accidents”. Safety is paramount as YOU build INDIA’s Electrical Infrastructure and we are happy to play our role by providing the best of available technology. These products are already deployed Globally & have biggest Market Shares in Key Developed Markets like JAPAN & UK to name a few.

Our Strategic Partners are not only Leaders in their Product Categories but have the capabilities to Research, Develop, Test & Produce Safety Products as per needs of our Market. They build Intellectual Property by being first to Design and protect same from ME TOO manufacturers by rolling out New Designs, learning from Customers & their Usage behaviours continuously.

Contributing to “SAFE ELECTRICITY” by making use of our Sensing Technology
Since its founding in 1925, HASEGAWA has strived to develop and produce products that are key to creating safe electrical environments through products such as ground-fault relays, voltage detectors, and phase testers.

Hasegawa’s products play a key role in creating safe electrical environments. We take pride in being able to contribute to our customers, which include many infrastructure enterprises that support people’s lives such as power, oil & gas, electrical utilities, railways, large manufacturing and communication companies.

HASEGAWA is able to respond to the changes of these times while continuing to be the top manufacturer of voltage detectors and relay-related products now and into the future. HASEGAWA aims for greater heights and is working to make “a society free of electrical accidents” a reality.



Since its founding in 1946 NAGAKI continues to contribute to society by creating superior products that are unprecedented. Nagaki Seiki, as a manufacturer specializes in safety tools for electrical and facility construction.

They have single purpose of bringing absolute security to professionals working in the field. Solid and robust tools that provide improved convenience, durability and work efficiency without any waste.Their attention to detail and functional aesthetics is their pride.



Since its founding in 1948, SANKO INDUSTRIES has long been dedicated to safety industry. Being a proud manufacturer of safety products that protect human life, they continue to manufacture the fall protective equipment to gain trust of the customers by meeting their demands and needs.

They aim for 100% safety.



CorDEX are leaders in the innovation and manufacture of instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments. They are known for bringing straight forward solutions to complex safety challenges which others haven’t dared to tackle. They are copied, envied and respected across the industry.

CorDEX has solutions for performing fast and safe infrared surveys of electrical equipment across all industry sectors. They also are authority in Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation. 


Safety Division


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